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Guillaume-Jean Herbiet received his Engineering Degree from Supelec (France) and Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology (United States) in 2007. After a first experience in the defense industry at Thales Communications as a research engineer, he his currently Ph.D. student at the University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg). Meanwhile, he is working as teaching assistant.

His main research focuses on developing robust user-centered application protocols for delay tolerant and ad hoc networks, using human interaction and mobility patterns in urban environment and topology control. He is currently working on SHARC, a Sharper Heuristic for Assignment of Robust Communities. This protocol aims at discovering subsets of densely an reliably interconnected nodes, where interactive communications can take place. Its distributed and computationally-efficient approach makes it suitable for ad hoc networks.


Another aspect of his work concerns realistic modeling of users behavior in urban environment. Therefore, he is developing UrbiSim, a framework for simulation of ad hoc networks in realistic urban environment. By providing two levels of mobility modeling, this work tries to cope with two of the current limitations of simulation models: realistically mimicking mobility at an individual level and offering a global movement pattern, reflecting the social behavior of users. The user behavior model is based on membership of several social groups. This contribution aims at being a powerful tool to investigate the impact of social interaction on ad hoc networks.


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