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This page describes my teaching activities at the University of Luxembourg as well as invited lectures I gave at other institutions.

Regular lectures [top]

Protocols and Network simulation [top]

Practical works, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences

This set of labs is an introduction to protocols and network simulation using the OMNeT++ network simulator. The objective is to familiarize the students with protocol design and simulation. Practical counterpart of the Middleware course given by Pascal Bouvry, it focuses on the shortcomings of middleware protocols when used in mobile ad hoc networks.

The complete material for this set of labs is available on the following dedicated page:

Optimization Techniques for Computer Science [top]

Student project management, Master of Science in Information and Computer Science

In this course, we propose to master students to work on a well-defined research project involving optimization methods. In the past, I have proposed several problems related to the application of community detection to

I keep a list of projects I submitted and reports and presentation of students on the following page:

Invited lectures [top]

Georgia Institute of Technology [top]

On November 2008, ~owen/ Prof. Henry Owen kindly invited me to lecture on ad hoc networks for the joint course on Computer Communication and Networking he gave at Georgia Tech Lorraine.

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Introduction to Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Lecture material. (519.464 kb)

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