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This page describes my current research interests at University of Luxembourg as well as previous academic achievements from my Masters studies at Georgia Institute of Technology or engineering degree at Supelec.

Current research areas [top]

My current research focuses on developing communication protocols for ad hoc and delay tolerant networks, providing dynamic hence robust exchanges in everyday users interactions. Therefore, I investigate the evolution of community structures and other dynamic graph properties of those networks.

I also focus on social aspects of user interaction and behavior which I try to capture in realistic simulation models.

Node communities and human users interations in protocol design [top]

The following presentation presents SAw-SHARC (Stability Aware SHARC), an evolution of the SHARC algorithm that considers link stability as edge weight in the community assignment process. It was presented during the ERCIM SNA WG on Algorithmic Aspects of Social Network Analysis

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Distributed community detection over dynamic networks using neighborhood similarity

Presentation of SHARC and SAw-SHARC, ERCIM SNA WG - March, 2010 (4.267587 Mb)

The following presentation introduces the SHARC (Sharper Heuristic for Assignment of Robust Communities) and first performance results and comparison on static and dynamic networks.

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SHARC: Distributed Community Detection using a Neighborhood Similarity Measure

Presentation of SHARC, yearly team meeting - Oct, 2009. (5.705194 Mb)

The following presentation, made on the very first days of my thesis, introduces my will to study human interactions to design user-centered application protocols.

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Taking Network To The Streets

An overview of my early ideas when starting my PhD. at UNI (435.988 kb)

Realistic mobility models for ad hoc network simulation [top]

This paper, introducing UrbiSim, a framework for simulation of ad hoc networks in realistic urban environments, has been presented during the IEEE Global Information Infrastructure Symposium in Hammamet, Tunisia.

Previous academic work [top]

Georgia Institute of Technology [top]

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Client perceived performance in a campus network with a wireless LAN controller

CS7260 Internetworking Architecture and protocols class project (467.452 kb)

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Contention-based waveform for ad hoc tactical communications

Coop internship report excerpt. (887.565 kb)

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Wireless Security Architecture for Campus Network

CS6255 Network Management class project (947.244 kb)

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Design issues and challenges in sample rate conversion for Software Defined Radio systems

ECEE6604 Personal and Mobile Communications class project (555.804 kb)

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VoIP Call capacity of Wireless Networks

ECE6610 Wireless Networks class project (567.688 kb)

Supelec [top]

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Contention-based waveform for ad hoc tactical communications

End of study internship report, in cooperation with Thales Communications, in French. (3.123176 Mb)

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Meshed and mobile networks

Radiocommunications and Radiobroadcasting, class project, in French. (796.271 kb)

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Topology discovery and network monitoring using SNMP

Design project report, in French. (1.242387 Mb)

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Setup of a gatekeeper server for videoconferencing

End of 1st year project report, in French. (1.242387 Mb)

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