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This website is a placeholder for information about my research and teaching activities, but also useful information for computing in academia (and everywhere else...) and some more personal stuff, especially about deep-sea diving.

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WoWMoM 2010


My paper SHARC: community-based partitioning for mobile ad hoc networks using neighborhood similarity has been accepted at the WoWMoM 2010 conference. I'll be going to Montreal, QC Canada to present it in mid-June.

ERCIM SNA WG meeting on algorithmic aspects


I've attended the ERCIM SNA WG on Algorithmic Aspects of Social Network Analysis where I presented SAw-SHARC.

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My name is Guillaume-Jean Herbiet and I'm currently PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Luxembourg.

My Research focuses on developing robust user-centered application protocols for delay tolerant and ad hoc networks, using human interaction patterns and topology control.

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I'm also a GNU/Linux and Mac OS user and I enjoy Diving Log (I'm a 1st star CMAS diver).